We're on a mission to make your music journey more human!

How It Works

No advertisements, no algorithms, and no "sponsored" suggestions! Just Person-to-Person music communities and recommendations. No bullsh*t. Forever.


Join our communities and make recommendations for fellow Grüvers


Recommendations get voted on before inclusion into community playlists.


Discover and explore new music and artists through P2P playlists and recommendations.

Our awesome features

It's funny that humans should recommend music to other humans, but it works.

Fair and Engaging Discovery

Users can combine mixed content from multiple platforms and interact around music, merchandise, and music culture in a social setting currently found nowhere else.

Kollektivs: Playlists of the Future

At its core, a Kollektiv is a society of music lovers, built around a playlist. Kollektivs are a unique take on the playlist format by introducing Person to Person curation.

Communicate in Real-Time

We make it so that Grüvers can easily get music recommendations, post blogs, follow artists, stay in the know about the music industry, and feel a sense of community, on one platform.

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Check out our communities and playlists!

GRÜV is currently invite-only, and it's totally free. All you need is a Google account to join. That's it. We release invitations in small batches.