Everyone wins with Grüv.

Removing the barriers to music discovery helps more artists get started, expedites connections for millions of fans, and increases economic output and content globally.

Gruv is a social music curation and discovery platform that unites music artists, curators, and consumer music audiences in one cohesive and intuitive community and marketplace. We help listeners discover and champion new artists, new music, and new music communities, and help artists discover, grow, and sell directly to these audiences.

Grüv’s initial product is built to serve our primary focus: Reimagining the playlist-building experience to connect Artists and listeners in more transparent and equitable ways.
Major streaming platforms don't have a pulse on the community aspect behind the music. We shouldn't hold back emerging and talented artists from sharing their craft and being discovered by millions of fans. 

Your Music, Your Journey.

Be apart of GrΓΌv’s product launch and create the first playlists on our platform!