Grüv's Beta Launch

We hope Grüv will give you an entirely new feel of what it means to listen and engage around music content at the same time. With your feedback and participation, we can build out features that bring real value to you!

Start indexing and engaging with all your favorite videos, music, podcasts, and links by building playlists.

Real-time feed of everything that's happening within the Grüv network internationally.

A separate feed dedicated exclusively to the people and Kollektivs you follow without any unrelated content, and a third feed where you'll discover everyone's shared Grüv of the day!

Community is everything- up or down vote on community playlists, community posts, and general discussions.

Sharing is caring! We ask you to invite 5 of your friends and start a Kollektive!

Right now Grüv can be accessed only on your desktop, but we're working hard to give you the ability to use Grüv on your mobile web browser ASAP.

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