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Be an instrumental part of the Gruv technical and product roadmap. We work collaboratively, in pursuit of our mission to make music more equitable for artists, and more engaging for you.


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A creation of incredibly talented musicians lost souls and dreamers from around the world-striving to bring up the good in this world.


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We believe that creators are micro-businesses who need customers so they can grow and earn. As a Grüv Listener, you will constantly be exposed to new and interesting music recommended by an entire community of other people with whom you share common tastes and interests. 50% of your listenership fee will go directly to our artists in residence.

1) Curated list of HOURS OF FREE MUSIC. 2) Get paid for curating artists and content. 3) Unreleased music, merch, music equipment, & event guides, directly to your doorstep. 4) Unlimted 20% discount on all Grüv merchandise.

There are no algorithms recommending any songs based on your listening history, neither do we ask you, artists, to pay to be featured on a playlist. Your membership fee will help our dedicated team help artists succeed. If artists need help in branding, creating merchandise, distributing music, or knowing your royalty rights-we're a message away thanks to you.

A recent Music Industry Research Association (MIRA) survey found that only 28% of musicians earn any income from streaming and that musicians in the middle range of this group earn only $100 annually. We fix this in two ways. 1) Every month, 50% of listener membership proceeds will be paid out equally to each artist in residence. With every new listener, the artists' passive income grows. With every new artist, our community grows stronger. 2) 50% of proceeds from a Gruv Support Shirt if a listener chooses to directly support you.

Yes, with your permission we'll provide your favorite artists your email. You'll also be able to use our beta app to engage, buy, and create playlists directly with your favorite artists.

Yes, just email us at billing@gruv.me

We work with any artist, big or small. We work with any genre, no buts or ifs.

Our Story

We've spent our careers developing strategies for fast-growing artists, music brands & tech companies. We've done it in LA, Berlin, & Yerevan. After over 10 years we've learned one thing. the only thing that matters is in music is ...

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