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Armenia's Underground Music Scene

We want to make artists as happy as they make us. We want to give artists the opportunity to present their music without having to pay for the opportunity to reach fans & audiences...Because artists and fans are better together.

That is why - every week - we'll do all the digging, so you can discover the unknown.

Artist Spotlight

We're extremely excited to present you with 6 unique and exceptional artists from around the globe!

HOV (Hovsep Aghjian)

HOV is an electronic music producer recognized for the haunting textures of his music. Beirut-born, he was exposed to a blend of cultures from the Mediterranean through to his homeland–Armenia–bringing him to ancient Anatolian instruments which today inform his musical approach and allow him to saturate space and conduct the crowd.


Ladaniva's music mixes up influences from all around the world, from traditional Balkan music to maloya, jazz, and reggae, with strong roots in Armenian folk. It must be said that the band's world music style is very pleasant and should have growing popularity as Ladaniva's various tracks sound like a little escape away from the city.

Mi Qani Hogi

An Armenian rap group, inspired through Brooklyn/NY influenced beats, depicts remarkable narratives of social justice through their lyrics. A fresh sound in a buzzing and mainly underground Yerevan rap scene, Mi Qani Hogi continues to set the bar high and raps for hope and humanity!

Miqayel Voskanyan & Friends

Miqayel Voskanyan is a performer on the national music instrument "tar" and a composer. He is an author of some musical projects and a founder of several music groups such as Miqayel Voskanyan & Friends’ band that consists of 7 members and plays in ethno-jazz, folk-fusion genres.

Reincarnation Orchestra

After attending courses for acoustic guitar, Roland Gasparyan founded The Reincarnation Orchestra. Over the years, the band has re-invented Armenian folk music by composing melodies from many famous artists such as Sayat Nova and adding modern influences of Ska & Reggae to the mix.


Nancy Movs started performing in Armenia in 2014, quickly dominating the electronic music scene and culture. She is arguably known as one of the best & public ambassadors of Yerevan's electronic music scene. Nancy notes that the music she creates allows everyone to find creativity through dance and music.

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