Volume 2:
Armenia's Underground Music Scene

Grüv with Me is obsessed with helping you discover and support the most unique artists and original sounds. We're extremely excited to present you with 6 unique and exceptional artists from around the globe!

We continue our journey by spotlighting Armenian artists!


Artist Spotlight

We're extremely excited to present you with 6 unique and exceptional artists from around the globe!

Bei Ru

Baruir Panossian, better known by his stage name Bei Ru, is an Armenian-American music producer and composer, known for his blending of Middle Eastern rhythms with drums, electronic sounds, and live instrumentation.

Collectif Medz Bazar

Collectif Medz Bazar is an alternative-folk band composed of musicians of Armenian, Turkish, French, and American descent. Drawing on their traditions as well as those of neighboring cultures, the members of the collective create original arrangements of traditional music as well as compositions of their own.


Katil have founded in 2018 in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Katil plays Armenian Indie-folk music. The members of the band are from different regions of Armenia. Each of them carries within itself the culture and the spice of each region. In this short period of existence, Katil has become the leading band in Armenia.


Nemra is a well-known rock band in their homeland and Armenian diaspora around the world. The group also creates remakes of Armenian national folk songs with a modern touch, giving them a fresh new vibe. The band’s name is directly related to the name Armen (Reading Backwards - Nemra). 


Los Angeles native T. Soomian lives and breathes LA culture. T. Soomian's songwriting tells the glamorous and sometimes not-so-glamorous fairytales of his own experiences growing up in the gritty underbelly of Los Angeles.


Hogh is an Armenian electronic music project that started in 2016. The name "Hogh" is of Armenian origin having the meanings of soil/land and is associated with the land of Armenia. Hogh's works are predominantly instrumental electronic ones blended with ethnic and folk elements.

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