Volume 3:
Cruising Through California

We're extremely excited to present you with 6 unique and exceptional artists from California!

Artist Spotlight


GREGarious is a music producer and DJ from the Bay Area in California. He used to rap under the moniker Classified Flow but eventually realized that he enjoys being behind the boards much more and changed his artistic direction. GREGarious has been making beats inspired by house, disco, funk, soul, R&B, and hip hop since 2016. He has a fascination for space travel and states ... “I try to make wavy and funky tunes that I would want to play in the cockpit of my spaceship if I were to ever navigate one. Think Guardians of the Galaxy."

Sona Sevan Nalbandyan

As a young female artist coming from a culturally diverse background from Los Angeles, Sona is inspired by the vast opportunity of sound vibration and frequency of music and its impact on the human physical and emotional state of mind. She believes that the language of music can reverberate and communicate between the balance of society and life as we know it. In her practice of Voice Arts, she unleashes and brings back the history and essence of classical and traditional music through her voice.

Street Monks

LA-based fusion hip-hop jazz band, Street Monks are soul-inspired musicians. In addition to serving as a musical backdrop, Street Monk's jazz music has also gifted hip hop flow with a unique sense of creativity, open to improvisation, pushing musical boundaries, and defying convention.

ED. 1T

Combining soulful guitars with bumpin' beats and melodies, ED.1T are a pop-soul duo born and based in Los Angeles, CA. Their organic production style and live-feel can be heard in their latest releases. Consisting of Nahuel Franco and Karo Moralyan, ED.1T are often collaborating with songwriters, producers, and other artists. The duo have garnered attention and created a steady buzz, due in part to their recent success in film and television. Currently, ED.1T are working on a new EP, with plans of live shows and a tour in the near future.

North Kingsley

Bassist Shavo Odadjian might be last out of the gate, but his new group North Kingsley are far from an afterthought. The singer and his bandmates, producer Saro Paparian and frontman/lyricist Ray Hawthorne, have been working on the project for the last two years. The threesome’s first track, “Like That?,” premiered Aug. 7 via streaming services, and its first EP, Vol. 1, is due out Aug. 14 on 22 Red Media.


Anabadi draws inspiration from her Armenian roots to take listeners on a journey through the dunes of the desert, back to themselves. She channels wisdom from her ancestors through sonic vibrations, breathing life into the sounds of the past with her own psychedelic flavor. Instruments such as the duduk and the dhol weave through bass drops to create an atmosphere of royal debauchery. She is currently attending Beat Lab Academy in Eagle Rock creating frequencies for your listening ascension.

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