Volume 5:
Discovering Pipe & Pochet

Pipe and Pochet has been on the forefront of the Electronic music scene worldwide since 2016. Owners Ali Farahani and Patrik Khach have been collecting a community of artists from all corners of the globe who have helped build the label in unity while producing quality music fitting the labels motto:
“A classy side to electronic music”

Artist Spotlight

Ali Farahani
Owner of P&P

Born in Milan Italy with Iranian heritage, Ali Farahani has started playing music when he was 14 years old playing afro cuban percussions. Growing up in Italy, electronic music is ingrained into the culture and has had great influence on the evolution of his productions. After moving to the US and being away from music for few years, he started producing and djing again and opened the Santa Monica based label Pipe & Pochet with Patrik Khach. “My goal is to inspire other artists and fans through music and have now began to showcase my productions in the US and beyond.”

Patrik Khach
Co-Owner of P&P

Immersed in electronic music since a young age, Patrik Khach has devoted his life to bringing people together through music. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Patrik is responsible for curating events sought out by DJ’s, attendees and many electronic music brands. Working for and along side industry giants, Patrik has created and maintained a high level of integrity that ripples through the city as one of the most in-demand acts. Pipe & Pochet was established in partnership with Ali Farahani in 2016. Together they have built the music label to be recognized as a leading source for down-tempo electronic music, and sending an open invitation to the world for people to connect, one track at a time from one dance floor to another.

Hrag Mikkel

Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Hrag Mikkel is a true pioneer of progressive story-telling music and has been making appearances throughout the whole world. With an unparalleled sound that is composed of organic groovy tones, he has certainly distinguished himself from others in the industry. His tracks “Triptych Vision” and “Desert Heart” as well as his remixes of Caravaca’s “Persephonehit” and Wisqo’s “Farres” all entered Beatport’s Top 10 electronica/downtempo chart over the past few years. Interpreting and recreating the culture that surrounds him and translating it into his distinguished eclectic and ethnic sound, Hrag is definitely a top charted artist.

Rabih Rizk

Born in Al Kaa, Lebanon a desert-like land surrounded by the smell of dry sand, Gypsy people and a mold of different cultures. Rabih Rizk developed a passion for music at a very young age experimenting between different electronic sounds, where finally the slow movements and oriental grooves took over. Today Rabih is a DJ, Producer but most importantly: a dreamer.

Medusa Odyssey

Medusa Odyssey have created their distinctive & unique brand of electronic live performances. True musicians at heart, they create their own improvised music in their sets, producing it live with synthesizers, electric guitar, flutes, vocals and a drum machine. Both hailing from Argentina, Medusa Odyssey have now been living & working in Ibiza for many years. Their music, deep house with a melodic tribal feel, is heavily influenced by their South American roots.

Wagashi Brothers

Wagashi Brothers is a harmonic mixture of ethno-motivation and electronic sound. An analog world that is thriving in the digital universe, where the rhythm touches the old instruments, and the voices from the past sing electronic tunes. Each compilation is designed to send a listener to a journey by filled multicultural, love and freedom.

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