Volume 6:

Exploring the Sounds of Lebanon


Lebanon has been going through some tough times recently. This once vivid country has started to look and feel gray, as one of the most hospitable people in the world face extreme existential obstacles!  This week we're shedding the spotlight on a group of amazing Lebanese artists, who keep on producing their unique sounds to bring back a little flavor into the lives of their fellow citizens. Their music inspires hope for a better Lebanon. 

Artist Spotlight

Rise 1969

Always being interested in how music can affect people, and very much hoping that one day his music will have an effect on them too, William Mahfoud kicked off his musical career in the streets of Beirut, holding a degree in Audio Engineering from London and inspirations such as Mozart and Halim El-Dabh, he started producing his own sound which ultimately led him to win the BBX (Beirut-Berlin Express) competition in 2019 and to share his sound in the biggest clubs of Beirut. “Getting better at making music can only be possible by constantly practicing on making music” - William Mahfoud


Gutenn is a passionate producer and the founder of RunAfter Records. Born in Lebanon, this young talent specializes in deep melodic techno, always leaving the crowd thirsty for more. His sound is filled with mesmerizing melodies and emotional vocals taking you through an unforgettable journey.


Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Adour has been passionate about music from a very young age. Starting out with his love for the violin, which later was developed towards electronic music production. Having shared the stage with international artists in local and regional festivals such as Aywa Festival (Lebanon 2018), Ahoora Festival (Armenia 2019) he continues his musical journey to share his sound with the world.


Another Lebanese talent and in fact, one of the pioneers of the Lebanese electronic music scene is Gunther Sabbagh. He is still very well known in the Lebanese underground culture with his haunting dark techno sets. His sound has been heard in many different countries in the world and we're sure they will find their right place in your playlists too.

Majd Barakat

Skilled DJ, Producer, Label Head and son of the talented, late Lebanese singer, Melhem Barakat. Clearly, Majd Barakat has been on the right musical footing since day one! He started his journey under the alias Maximal playing regular residencies throughout Lebanon and all the way to Europe’s most famous Balearic Island, Ibiza. Today, Majd’s versatility has distilled his musical philosophy into a potent, inclusive manifesto that serves as a testament to the addictive potential of techno and tech-house.

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